Dear Prospective Homebuyer

Dear Prospective Homebuyer,

If you are looking for a great Realtor, Stephanie Billett is nothing less than exceptional when it comes to professionalism, responsiveness and putting fourth a strong work ethic to get you the keys to your dream home.

Stephanie was referred to my husband and I through a family member who had recently purchased a home. From the beginning stages of our search, Stephanie did a great job of explaining the process in detail, listening to our needs and had a good understanding if what we were looking for. Stephanie was a great resource to answer questions and offer advice when needed. She has a consultative approach and always had our best interest in mind.

Below is a list of a few key qualities that come to mind when describing my experience working with Stephanie:

* Proven track record of producing strong and competitive offers that get accepted!
* Good relationship with banks to ensure you get the best interest rate
* Works for both the real estate and mortgage side so the client only has to work with one person – amazing!
* Knows the market – Stephanie grew up in the east bay and knows the real estate market here well.

We would highly recommend Stephanie to anyone looking to buy, sell or refinance their home! She rocks!

With Happiness & Gratitude,
Mr. & Mrs. Perry