Inhabit East Bay is Amazing

My husband and I reached out to Inhabit East Bay with pretty much no hope that we would be able to purchase a home, but because of the sky-rocketing rental prices we inquired just to see what they would say. The process of pre-approval was easy, and much to our surprise we qualified— and we had  options! After Mari and Stephanie eased our anxieties and we looked around for about a month or two to see what our money could get us, we settled on purchasing a new build. And let me tell you, purchasing a new build is a whole different ball game. They like to pressure you into using their lender (don’t! their prices are so much higher), and they like to make up stories about how you will get a huge penalty if your lender of choice doesn’t close on time, so on and so forth. They are bullies, but luckily for us, Stephanie has years of experience in home loans and was able to, yet again, ease our anxieties and educate us on the game of the new home builds. We played the builders game and we were able to lock in a great interest rate and money in closing costs through Stephanie’s lender. Thanks to Inhabit East Bay, we are living in our very own first home (and it feels so good to own!) with an interest rate that isn’t breaking the bank and we were able to play the builders game like pros