Inhabit realty is truly amazing to work with

The East Bay market is tough, and not for the faint of heart.

We were first time VA home buyers relocating from New York City. We were completely clueless about the Bay Area and knew nothing about the home buying process. Before Inhabit, we spoke with several realtors and were told over and over again that buying in Berkeley and surrounding areas would be near impossible for us with a VA loan.

Then we met Stephanie. She was incredibly knowledgable about the area, market trends, and the loan process. She was positive, confident and incredibly patient.

She gave us a priceless education on East Bay real estate and showed us around the entire area. We found a great house and the most amazing deal, despite all of our challenges and amidst one of the most fiercely competitive markets.

She managed and negotiated the entire process like a shark…a professional, graceful shark. She truly has what it takes to make deals happen in this intense market, and it’s a complete joy to watch her do her thing: especially when it’s your deal on the line. When you’re up against 8-10 other offers, being on the strongest team is ideal.

Inhabit’s streamlined approach and ability to handle both your loan and home search/purchase is a dream. It made everything seamless and gave both parties peace of mind during the process. This turned out to be a huge lifesaver for us after a previous, non affiliated, loan officer botched our first offer.

We never would have looked at this house, and half-heartedly went to see it. We fell in love with the house, as she predicted, bought it with Stephanie’s expert guidance and a year later we find ourselves sitting on a huge pile of equity…just as she predicted 🙂

Thank you, Inhabit East Bay! -Living the dream